Our treatments

General odontology

Our professionals perform diagnoses and integral treatment plans, taking the adequate time in each one of the clinical exams and in every treatment session, afterwards, and only if necessary, they will refer to the specialty the patient requires.

Esthetic odontology

Treatments that embellish and harmonize your smile, through teeth whitening, dental amalgam change for teeth color restorations, regularization of the esthetic front, performed by rehabilitators, respecting the integrity of the dental tissues and prioritizing above all the sense of the individual and personal harmony of each one of our patients.

Odontology for seniors

Seniors are one of our priorities because most of them are outside our health system, which considers that users of prothesis don’t need odontology services. Due to our experience we know that older people require special care, that is why we have trained our professionals in state of the art laboratory methods to supply all your needs.

Dental implants

Implants are one of the wonders of modern science that allow us to give back their teeth to our patients in an integral way. Our surgeons follow in a methodical, paused and ethical way the steps needed to place the teeth, supported by all the diagnostical aids that exist and working along side with the rehabilitator and our dental technicians to achieve a successful treatment.

Oral surgery

We have oral and maxillofacial surgeons that perform all kinds of surgeries with the skill that experience provides, that use all the diagnostic means available, within the best asepsis and disinfection environment.